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About Us

nQuantum was founded in 2019 with a vision of enabling the Artificial Intelligence to the Businesses globally. nQuantum primarily working in Speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding, Augmented Analytics. nQuantum has office in Hitech City, Hyderabad.

Customer contact center to its next level

nQuantum is committed to enable the AI (Artificial Intelligence) to business, which helps you understand your Customer and your business process to improve productivity and augmented analytics helps you save time and take more effective decisions.


Our Professionals Services For You

This service could be done through Qspeech API across multiple languages, at extreme quality /accuracy and with the unique capability to learn industry relevant lexicon / Jargon.

AI Conversational Assistants

More than a chat bot for
your Business

Speech Recognition

API understand recognise the converts the audio file into the text data.

Speech Analytics

Service you contact center to understand to intent of your customer.

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Why Choose Us

Understand your customer with speech recognition technology

We developed a technology that gives you great insights from the conversations of you and your customer.

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    Real-time conversational data

    Real-time conversational data (raw audio calls) between the agent and customer would be collected

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    Qspeech technology

    Qspeech technology will invoke the audio data and convert the speech to text to provide you great business insights

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    customizable Augmented Conversational

    Get the customizable Augmented Conversational Analytics you on the dashboard.


Make Your Business More Competitive And Enduring

AI Will Automatic Cyber Security Improve

Qspeech will automate this by monitoring & transcribing 100% of all the calls that provide below metrics both real-time and batch wise process.

A Community With A Unique Mission

At the end of day, contact centers look for customer satisfaction which is atmost important indication to drive the operations. Qspeech Analytics can detect customer dissatisfaction by analyzing the common words and phrases across all calls including complaints.

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Hard Workers


Challenges with Traditional approach

  • 1% of recorded calls will ever be audited to get the complete agent performance check.
  • Manual approach of listening & auditing few % of customer calls will consume lot of time.
  • Man hours for manual documentation of each and every call by agent.
  • Intelligent business insights which tells you about your Agent and Customer.
  • Speech Recognition Technology gives you great insights using the conversations of you and your Customer.
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Challenges with Traditional approach

  • Enhance customer service experience
  • Reduce customer churn by identifying customer intent
  • Increase sales efficiency to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Save operational costs and time
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